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Before you start with your golf classes you need to have completed the following: You must have completed a beginner’s course and get your green card. Most of the golf clubs offer beginner’s course where you will be supported by professional  and certified instructor.

The second requirement to be able to play golf is to be an active member of a golf club. Most of the golf clubs in the world charge certain fee in order to keep your membership.The fee is usually around 30e for a senior.

Once these two requirements are fulfilled, you can finally start playing golf. Golf is often described as a simple sport. You play on a pre-prepared path oimage00f 9 or 18 holes. Each hole has a tee and a distant hole. The course is marked out with boundaries. The point of the game of golf is to hit the ball between the tee and into the hole in as few strokes as humanly possible.

The course consists of grass at different heights and different natural obstacles such as bunkers, water and more grass and trees. The area around the hole is called the green and is a well-trimmed grass area. The hole is marked with a stick and a flag and is 10.8 cm in diameter.

If you would like to start with your golf classes during your vacation, take a look at some of the most interesting golf clubs in France.

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